North East Indian National Parks And Wildlife Sanctuaries

The national parks in North East India are unlike any you will see in the rest of country; one can immerse himself in the stunning beauty of the North East India. Located in the Eastern Himalayan foothills, the terrain and climate help various plants, animals, and other species survive. It's wide diversity of flora and fauna, rivers, valleys, lakes and wildlife make a perfect location for nature lovers.

The regions of North East are still largely undiscovered by tourists; however, the profusion of nature has a certain appeal in North East. The region comprises of of "Seven Sisters" states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura collectively have more than 30 national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves.

Nature lovers who wish to experience the wilderness of nature must visit this fascinating region of India. Offering fantastic opportunities for spotting wildlife, including endangered species (One Horned Rhino, Red Panda, Hollock Gibbon and the Golden Langur to name a few), this place is a great choice in terms of rich Bio-diversity and is also a paradise for Bird Watchers.

The following national parks are some of the more well-known ones you can visit while travelling in the North East India:

Kaziranga National Park

Tiger safari tours are curatedkeeping in mind that your focus is only to see these maginificient cats in their natural habitat.

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Manas National Park

Manas national park is located on a gentle slope in the foothills of the Himalaya. Situated in the state of Assam in North-East India, a biodiversity hotspot:


Nameri National Park

Tiger safari tours are curatedkeeping in mind that your focus is only to see these maginificient cats in their natural habitat.

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Singalila National Park

Tiger safari tours are curated keeping in mind that your focus is only to see these maginificient cats in their natural habitat.

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