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Do I need a VISA to travel to India?

Yes, all foreign nationals entering India are required to possess a valid international travel document in the form of a national passport with a valid visa. For most nationalities, tourist visa can be easily obtained online e-Visa (indianvisaonline.gov.in) or through your local Indian Embassy or consulate. Few countries have Visa on arrival.

Medicines are the most essential and priority thing to keep in mind while packing. It is recommended to pack the prescribed medicines prior to travel to India as the chances are slim that it won't be available in rural India. Medicines like anti-diarrhoea, cold, flue, motion sickness, allergies (in case you have any), painkillers and antiseptic creams are suggested to be carried.

The Indian currency is the rupee (INR), currencies such as US dollars, British pounds and Euros are easy to exchange throughout India. Airports throughout the country will have money exchange counters and also all cities have money exchange agents. Even city hotels and wildlife lodges can change small number of currencies. For large amounts give a day’s notice. ATMs are also readily available throughout the country, but near the parks and remote areas they may frequently run out of cash

Credit cards are a good option in India because they are accepted almost everywhere, have excellent security measures and some come with travel insurance. Visa and Mastercard are the most commonly accepted cards in India, and it is not advisable to bring an American Express card as they are rarely accepted. It is also recommended to use a card without foreign transaction fees to avoid unexpected charges during your stay.

Unfortunately, ATMs in India aren’t evenly distributed. They’re plentiful airports, stations, large cities and tourist hotspots. But once you venture to lesser-known places and rural areas, finding an ATM can be difficult. Make sure that you have a four-digit PIN code for your card, as Indian ATMs require this.

Unfortunately, ATMs in India aren’t evenly distributed. They’re plentiful airports, stations, large cities and tourist hotspots. But once you venture to lesser-known places and rural areas, finding an ATM can be difficult. Make sure that you have a four-digit PIN code for your card, as Indian ATMs require this.

Regarding COVID-19, India has opened up to all travellers whether they are vaccinated or not. However, to keep yourself safe, it's suggested that you get a vaccination before the tour, wear a face mask, and keep social distancing during your trip.

Certain basic precautions apply though. It is a good idea to lock away your spare currency, traveller’s cheques, passports and jewellery. Never leave your luggage unattended at an airport or train station. Avoid walking around alone late at night in small towns and rural areas, most of the places closes early in small places though. Avoid travelling on the roads after dark.

In India we use three types of power plug sockets: type C, type D and type M. The standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. You may need a power plug adapter and a voltage converter depending on where you are from. Though adaptors are easily available on request at all the hotels & lodges. Many of the hotels and lodges in India have international sockets in the rooms as well.

Jungle lodges and remote areas have basic internet connections, however cities you will have the access of the same at good speed

We do not recommend ever drinking tap water in India. Hotels and Lodges use water purifiers and it is safe to drink (it is still better to ask once before gulping it down), bottled water is readily available at lodges at an extra costs and while on drives the vehicle has the same for you ask the driver for the same. As a general rule, you should avoid drinks with ice and foods that haven’t been cooked or peeled.

It's recommended to always ask permission when taking photos of anyone, especially women. Always ask before taking photos at any ceremony and religious site, while at the ghats or river banks please do take permissions or ask the accompanied guide for the same. It is not allowed to take photographs at army camps or base which can include some of the train stations and airports. Most of the places look the signs are present where it is written photography prohibited or don't take photographs

Keeping in mind that you will be using different modes of transport (Trains, Flight and Vehicle), so suitcase with wheels are recommended. A small backpack is recommended for small items of utility while on safari.

The permitted limit for checked baggage is usually 15kg or 25kg per person, depending on the airline.

The permitted limit for cabin baggage/hand bag is usually 7kg or 8kg per person, and the dimensions should not exceed 115cm125

Infants are allowed an additional 10kg of checked baggage and one collapsible stroller as carry-on baggage.

Additional charges may apply for excess baggage13.

Clothes should be neutral in colours: Khaki/Light Brown/Geen and carry layers as per the season you are traveling. Avoid white and bright colours, and wearing a perfume.

The temperature on safari can fluctuate, so it’s a good idea to dress in layers according to the season that you can easily remove or add as needed.

Safari Binoculars, Sunblock and After-sun Lotion, Sunglasses, Cloth Mask, Universal Plug Adaptors, Travel Pillow, Money Belt, Lip Balms are few essential things to carry

Tipping is not mandatory but it is considered good form to tip for service. In case you wish to show your appreciation in form of tipping, tip boxes have been placed in the most of the lodges and hotels (avoid tipping individuals) at lodges and hotels. The tip collected is shared between the staff by the managements. At restaurants 10% is considered normal.

Note - Naturalists, Nature Guides and drivers are not part of the common tipping and may be tipped directly.

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