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We have only the very best and highly efficient experts across all of our divisions, we are excited to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the careers and mindsets of some of our energetic experts. Our off field and on field experts are great in solving complex challenges and ensure we're giving you the most up-to-date insight and advice on your safari with us.

Gaurav Jain

Tour Curator


Operations Manager

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Web Developer

Neelam Rawat

Finance Manager

Meet our on field experts

Pushp Narayan Dwivedi (Pappu)

Bandhavgarh Expert

With a remarkable journey spanning over several decades, our expert "Pappu" began his career as a park guide in the pristine landscapes of Bandhavgarh. His passion for wildlife and nature led him to become an integral part of a renowned wildlife resort, where he dedicated 25 years of his life honing his skills and deepening his understanding of the natural world. With his unmatched knowledge as a naturalist and a birder, he took a bold step to share his incredibly vast knowledge of the park with the nature lovers. This phase allowed him to connect with a diverse range of individuals, sharing his insights and fostering a deeper appreciation for the environment. What sets him apart is his extraordinary knack for guiding photographers to capture those captivating moments when tigers grace the landscape. Professional photographers hold him in high regard, valuing his ability to position them in the right place at the right time to capture mesmerizing images of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Owing to his exceptional skills and reputation, those seeking his guidance always secure his services well in advance, as he remains a sought-after choice among professional photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. His commitment to ensuring a transformative and awe-inspiring experience sets him apart as a true luminary in the realm of wildlife guiding and nature exploration.

Rajendra Jhariya

Central India Expert

Our Central India expert was born in Khatia Village at Kanha National Park, for several generations his family is residing in the surroundings of Kanha National Park, they literally live in the heart of wilderness and experience the beauty of the magnificent nature around them. Rajan was totally focused on his goal, was fully determined to follow his dream and turned his passion for wildlife into his profession in 1989 by becoming the guide at Kanha National Park. His abundant knowledge makes him our guests favorite, his main aim is to complete the guests wish list whether it is spotting the tiger, leopard, wild dogs or looking for the specific birds. Besides Kanha Rajan frequently visits the other national parks in Central India namely Tadoba, Pench, Bandhavgarh and Satpura; his knowledge for these parks is equally healthy. He assisted several TV channels, documentaries documenting the Tiger and Swamp Deer in Kanha as he has been exposed to plenty of flora and fauna since the childhood. Visiting the national parks for more than three decades on daily basis Rajan is still thrilled to enter the park expecting something new to sight every day. Exploring the National Parks with him is something one should not miss.

Ashlesh Sharma

North and West India Expert

Ashlesh Sharma received his first guiding license from Bharatpur in the late 1980s and soon relocated to Ranthambhore, to become the first official guide here. In fact, he was the only guide in Ranthambhore until 1993. In a destination that is obsessed with tigers, there was only one guide who knew his birds and their habitats around Ranthambhore. He knows the reserve and the nearby regions like the back of his hand, is great to be around him and is also one of the best trackers in Ranthambhore along with the other national parks in western and northern parts of India. Ashlesh escorts the groups and primarily assists many of the professional’s photographers/ filmmakers from across the globe. Having accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge as a naturalist and avid birding enthusiast over the decades, he takes a pride to share his expertise with everyone.

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Tailored Safari Experiences

At Rainbow Safaris, we understand that every Indian wildlife tour package safari should be a reflection of your unique vision. Our focus is on crafting a journey customized to your desires. This includes considerations such as duration, pace and preferred activities you yearn for. Moreover, we appreciate the importance of working within your budget and offering diverse accommodation options to suit your financial preferences. We provide you with affordable and best Tiger Tour in India. We've simplified the booking process, providing flexible payment solutions and cancellation policies.

Seamless Planning

Our team of dedicated wildlife specialists operates in harmony to ensure your safari experience is a seamless one. When planning your tiger tour in India with us, you'll be paired with one of our devoted experts who will guide you from the initial planning phases throughout your adventure. Their role is to assist you in all aspects, from suggesting the optimal number of safaris to offering transportation choices between cities, whether by road, train, or flight.

Expert Guides & Drivers

During your nature safaris in India, two key individuals serve as the backbone. One is responsible for guiding and tracking wildlife, while the other ensures a safe and respectful distance is maintained once a subject is spotted. They work diligently to find the best angles for your viewing and photography, always considering the lighting conditions. Each holiday with us is a once-in-a-lifetime journey, and at Rainbow Safaris, our commitment is to make it nothing short of extraordinary

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At Rainbow Safaris, your peace of mind is our top priority. We're at your service around the clock, ensuring you can travel without worries. Your dedicated expert is available 24/7, whether you prefer to contact them directly or send a message in case of any need or concern. We maintain regular contact to monitor your journey and gather your feedback, continuously striving to offer unparalleled honest advice, expertise, quality, and 24x7 customer service. This is the kind of service included in Indian Wildlife Tour Packages.

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