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  • Ideal for professional photographers and filmakers. These safaris need to be pre-booked well in advance, and is slightly expensive as compared to normal 3 hours safari. Benefits, Timings, and other notes are mentioned below for your reference.

    Cities & Parks


Timing & Benefits

  • The duration of the safari is from dawn to dusk. The entry is fifteen minutes earlier than the regular safaris and fifteen minutes later than the regular safari timings. Tourists are allowed to exit the park any time before the set timings.

  • The benefit of full–day safari is that you are not restricted to any of the three tourism zones (Tala, Magdhi and Khitauli) and can cross over whenever desired. But you are not allowed to breach the tourism zone limit.

  • Only four tourists or photographers are allowed along with a complusary guide from the forest department and the driver. You can also have an additional naturalist of your choice in case you seating arrangements allow.

  • One has to write a letter to field Director of the park requesting for the permission, you have to send the application form for full day safari along with a fees of full–day safari permit. In case you wish to book the same please inform us and we will do all the neccessary arrangements for you.

  • One has to write a letter to field Director of the park requesting for the permission, you have to send the application form for full day safari along with a fees of full–day safari permit. In case you wish to book the same please inform us and we will do all the neccessary arrangements for you.

    Note: Please carry enough water bottles, packed breakfast and lunch


  • Winter (October - February)

    The winter months are the best time to visit Central India if you’re keen to set off on a wildlife safari in national parks such as Bandhavgarh, Kanha & Pench National Parks. This is the time when tigers and other animals are easily spotted, and the weather makes for cool, comfortable game drives.

    Tip: The temperature on safari can fluctuate, so it’s a good idea to dress in layers according to the season that you can easily remove or add as needed. The winter can be quite cold in the mornings and evenings (specially Dec, Jan and Feb), but warm during the day. So, it’s best to dress in layers to regulate your body temperature throughout the day. Start with a base layer of thermal underwear, add a middle layer of fleece or wool, and top it off with a windproof outer layer.

    Spring (March - May)

    This is the dry season in Central India, making it the perfect time for wildlife enthusiasts to start on a journey , majestic tigers and elusive leopards roam free. The best months for tiger spotting are April, May and June, as the temperature soars and the tigers come out in search of remaining water sources. However, it's important to note that temperatures can rise up to 40°C and above, so this season is not for the faint-hearted.

    Tip: Pack comfortable and breathable clothing suitable for the weather and your favourite snacks for the long safari drives.

    Summer (June - Sep)

    Heavy rainfall is ecpected in Central India during the monsoon months of July, August and September. While this might not be the best time to visit Central India, there is a unique charm to the region during the wet months. It's important to keep in mind that roads can flood during the rainy days, so it's wise to plan ahead and allow for some flexibility in case of unexpected road closures.

    Tip: Be prepared for sudden rain showers and keep an umbrella or raincoat handy during monsoon season.

  • Central India Tiger Safari includes the 3 best parks for spotting and photograph tigers in the wild. However it is not possible to guarantee of spotting any big cats in the wilderness of Indian Parks. The chances are 95% positive though, we did not had any guests as of date, who has taken this Cantral India Tiger Tour and not seen a tiger. These parks boasts a high density of Tigers, and we at Rainbow safaris only focus that you have a wonderful and memorable wildlife experience during the tour.

    • Book your wildlife safaris well in advance (atleast 120 days recommended) with an expert guide
    • Try a mix of different tiger reserve zones
    • Maximise the no of nights in the parks to have maximimum safaris (minimum 5 to 6 safaris are suggested).
    • Pack clothes according to the weather.
  • All our safari programs and itineraries can be customised as per your requirements, this is an suggested program keeping balance in all aspects according to our experience. We will be more than happy to curate a tour which exactly meet your requirements for the kind of experience you had dreamed about.

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Tailored Safari Experiences

At Rainbow Safaris, we understand that every Indian wildlife tour package safari should be a reflection of your unique vision. Our focus is on crafting a journey customized to your desires. This includes considerations such as duration, pace and preferred activities you yearn for. Moreover, we appreciate the importance of working within your budget and offering diverse accommodation options to suit your financial preferences. We provide you with affordable and best Tiger Tour in India. We've simplified the booking process, providing flexible payment solutions and cancellation policies.

Seamless Planning

Our team of dedicated wildlife specialists operates in harmony to ensure your safari experience is a seamless one. When planning your tiger tour in India with us, you'll be paired with one of our devoted experts who will guide you from the initial planning phases throughout your adventure. Their role is to assist you in all aspects, from suggesting the optimal number of safaris to offering transportation choices between cities, whether by road, train, or flight.

Expert Guides & Drivers

During your nature safaris in India, two key individuals serve as the backbone. One is responsible for guiding and tracking wildlife, while the other ensures a safe and respectful distance is maintained once a subject is spotted. They work diligently to find the best angles for your viewing and photography, always considering the lighting conditions. Each holiday with us is a once-in-a-lifetime journey, and at Rainbow Safaris, our commitment is to make it nothing short of extraordinary

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At Rainbow Safaris, your peace of mind is our top priority. We're at your service around the clock, ensuring you can travel without worries. Your dedicated expert is available 24/7, whether you prefer to contact them directly or send a message in case of any need or concern. We maintain regular contact to monitor your journey and gather your feedback, continuously striving to offer unparalleled honest advice, expertise, quality, and 24x7 customer service. This is the kind of service included in Indian Wildlife Tour Packages.

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